Overtime Requisition Form


Overtime Requisition Form


Under FLOWNet > Request Forms > OT there is an option called OT Requisition (refer to figure below). This option consists of digital forms, which allow employees request for overtime.





You may click on the Next button to apply a new overtime requisition, or select the draft request forms according to its AgentID from “Request No” drop down list followed by the Next button (refer to Employee_applying_application_request for explanation). You will see the page below if you select either one of the options mentioned above (refer to figure below).





The page shown (refer to figure above) will show all the Overtime information that need to be filled by the Requestor (OT date, start time, end time, OT hours, OT type and Trans Req?/Transport required?).


There is a hyperlink within OT Requisition, called OT Req Listing. If you click on this hyperlink, a pop-up window will appear (refer to figure below). This window, will show you the historical Overtime requisition request for employees with its status.





Fill in all necessary information within Overtime Requisition Form and  select the “Complete” status. Click on the Submit button to escalate the request to respective superior. The Overtime Requisition Form submission process flow is mentioned in unifiedESS process flow and Employee_applying_application_request. Request submission is subject to superior's approval.


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